Special LiveStream Event: Watch Higher Education Experts Discuss the Campus of the Future

Blue Ribbon Panel - Watch the LiveStream

Monday, June 24, 2019 @ 2:00 PM Central – Planon User Conference
The Blue Ribbon Panel will be presenting their findings to a number of university professionals and leaders at the Planon User Conference. This session will be recorded and made available to those who are interested in learning more. Want to watch it live? Fill out the form to the right to receive an email reminder with the livestream link an hour before we go live!

Wednesday, July 31, 2019 – CFTA Conference
Delegates of the Blue Ribbon Panel will presenting their findings to the Campus Facility Management Technology Association (CFTA) audience at the annual CFTA conference in Austin, Texas on Wednesday, July 31, 2019. This session will also be recorded and available for download afterward.

Coming Soon 2019 – Published Report
The Blue Ribbon Panel will publish a Campus of the Future report outlining their work and findings. This report will define the minimum set of requirements necessary for a campus management system to support the users of the campus of the future.

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Learn more about the Blue Ribbon Panel's work on defining the Campus of the Future

What makes up a Campus of the Future from a real estate and facility management technology perspective? Planon has brought together a team of experts in the higher education field from across the United States to define just that. These panelists represent some of the brightest and enthusiastic minds in the facility management and real estate world of Higher Education. They bring years of expertise and leadership to this important discussion.

The goal of the Blue Ribbon Panel is to: together, define the minimum set of requirements necessary within a campus management software solution to support the users of the smart campus of the future.

The Blue Ribbon Panel is exploring a wide range of topics, some include:

  • What kind of change will just 5 years bring to the campus we know today?
  • How can campuses use their existing real estate more efficiently?
  • What are factors creating change?
  • What sources of resistance can we anticipate?
  • What will changing student demographics impact?
  • Will we still be talking about sustainability?
  • Who is a user of the campus in the future?

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Have Questions?

We would love to hear from you if you have any questions about the Blue Ribbon Panel and the work they are doing. Please email [email protected] with your questions and comments.

Meet the Blue Ribbon Panelists

Blue Ribbon Panel Chairman:

Larry Barkley

Larry Barkley, Managing Partner at the Barkley Consulting Group

Blue Ribbon Panelists:

Nathan Moore

Nathan Moore, Information Technology Application Services at Michigan State University

Gretchen Tucker

Gretchen Tucker, Facilities Information Services, University of Kentucky

Pat Turnbull

Pat Turnbull, Board of Advisors, Stuart School of Business, Illinois Institute of Technology

Bruce Bashwiner

Bruce Bashwiner, Senior Associate VP, University Facilities and Services, University of Rochester

Tony Malagrino

Tony Malagrino, Associate VP, Physical Plant, California State University Long Beach

Josef Asteinza

Josef Asteinza, Space Planning and Management, Real Estate Development and Facilities, New York University Langone Health

Planon representatives facilitating the panel include:

David Karpook, VP of Operations at Planon

Jennifer Fittz, Business Manager, Higher Education at Planon

Zachary Hesse, Support Specialist at Planon