As mentioned in Planon's article on the future of facility and real estate management and the role of an Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) in this, we have some suggested resources for you. 

We hope that these resources will give you more insights in what an IWMS is, how it can help organisations like yours and the different IWMS solutions that are available on the market today. Feel free to download all assets, or just one or two if you prefer. 

Enjoy reading! 

Verdantix 2019 Green Quadrant® for
Integrated Workplace Management SystemsVerdantix Green Quadrant Image Newsletter.png

What solutions are available on the market today? This Green Quadrant® reviews integrated software solutions that centralise the information and workflows for many real estate and facilities management processes.

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Interactive White Paper - What is an IWMS? NOR_1906_Image-white-paper-What-is-an-IWMS-UK.JPG

This white paper discusses the evolution and benefits of IWMS, as well as explaining the most important differences between IWMS, CAFM and FMIS. It also covers the evolution of these systems in terms of standardisation, integration capabilities, workflow orientation, CAD and BIM connectivity. 

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White Paper - 10 trends that will shape Real Estate
and Facility Management by 2022NOR_1906_Image-white-paper-10-trends-UK.JPG

This white paper outlines how the Real Estate and Facility Management domain is expected to develop over the next three years, giving Facility and Real Estate Managers chance to prepare.

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