Webinar "Effective Space Management: key elements to consider"

“Over the next three years, 85% of real estate executives deem maximizing space utilization as either a ‘very important’ or ‘important’ factor in shaping their real estate strategy,” according to the 2018 Smart Innovators: Space Management report by Verdantix, an independent research and consulting firm with a focus on innovative technologies that optimize business operations.

It implies space management has never been higher on the corporate agenda. But why is that? And what is needed to make your space management practices more effective?

To answer these questions, Planon has partnered with Verdantix to co-host a live-webinar on October 25 at 11:00 AM EST.

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In this webinar, Susan Clarke, Principal Analyst at Verdantix explains why space management has become one of Facility and Space Managers’ main priorities, drawing on the latest research from Verdantix and insights gathered through briefings with senior executives.

Nancy Sanquist, VP of Global Strategic Marketing for Planon will elaborate on the key elements of space management that should be part of every facility and space managers’ strategy. She will also show some real examples of what Planon clients are doing today to optimize their space management strategies.

In this 45-minute webinar, you will explore:
  • Why space management is higher on the corporate agenda than ever before
  • Key elements to increasing space management effectiveness
  • The benefits of integrating space management with other facility management and real estate management processes
  • Examples of how your team can start optimizing your space strategy now

Practical information:

This webinar will be held at 11:00 AM EST on Thursday, October 25. Don’t worry if this time does not work for you. If you register now, you will receive a link to the recording by email after the live webinar.

Stay tuned after registering for the webinar – we’d like to hear more about which key elements you’d like to hear more about during the live webinar.